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PT Watercraft’s PT Eleven, 11ft Nesting Dinghy is a unique, light-weight, great performance dinghy.


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We understand that there are many skilled builders who have the skills and the time to create their own “extras”. Therefore, we have several additional options sold separately. They are explained and pictured below with prices. This page also highlights the sailing options we have developed for this boat.

Mahogany Footbrace kit: 8 Mahogany braces cut with ends beveled and edges rounded.

We offer them this way for safety’s sake, as a router table, something not everyone will have, is used to round the edges. A positioning template is included with the basic PT 11 kit and gluing instructions are in the builder’s manual.

Pricing on the CLC website

Available from PTW -stocks pending.

Options for Sailing, + carry case or cover

PT Eleven Foils kit:  Includes; Machined daggerboard & rudder with kick up assembly, assembly fasteners & hardware, Shaped tiller & Hiking stick. The 2022  foils are CNC machined from 18mm Baltic Birch plywood. For the weight and performance offered by these foils, they are relatively affordable and not difficult to finish.  Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Baltic Birch is no longer available. The builder applies fiberglass and does the finish work and assembly of the kick up rudder system. The blades are a NACA section for speed and upwind efficiency and the kick up rudder system folds to be easily stowed.

Pricing on the CLC website

Also see the custom carry case for the foils below.

We took the sailing option very seriously and it’s good that we did. Most of the PT 11 builders have chosen our rig and foils and I think that the sailing performance attracts people to the boat.

By sailing performance, I mean the ability to sail well, of course, but also the ease of using the parts associated with sailing. Setting up and breaking down a sailing rig is always a bit of work, especially if you are doing it alongside a cruising boat, but our rig is as light and easy to use as possible. The two-piece carbon mast and boom, sail, and all rigging weigh just 10 1/2 pounds, store in a small diameter bag of 8 feet length, and assembles in minutes, making a quick sail in a new anchorage easily done. The sail is small, (54 sq. ft.), but it’s a powerhouse, thanks to a good sail designer. The sailing performance is very good. The stock foils (machined daggerboard and kick-up rudder) help the boat sail upwind like a 12 meter. The rig is the lightest and easiest to use dinghy rig on the market.  For more confident sailors, we are prototyping a larger racing sail; (over the Summer of 2019.)

PT Eleven Foils kit:  Includes; Machined daggerboard & rudder with kick up assembly, assembly fasteners & hardware, Shaped tiller & Hiking stick stock. The foils are CNC machined from carefully selected 18mm Baltic Birch to make NACA section foils of almost 3/4” thick. For the weight and performance offered by these foils, they are relatively very affordable and not difficult to finish.  The builder applies fiberglass and does the finish work and assembly of the kick up rudder system. The blades are a NACA 0012 section for speed and upwind efficiency and the kick up rudder system folds to be easily stowed.

2023:Baltic Birch comes from Russia and is no longer available in the US. We are sourcing quality alternatives. 

Complete rig: includes a 2-part carbon mast + boom, all associated hardware and running rigging, sail and bag. It is extremely lightweight (barely 11 Lbs) and quick to set up.

Our Spar tubes are custom made in the USA + Harken, Ronstan, & Allen Hardware)

The masts and booms are made in state by ICE, a maker of the highest quality carbon fiber tubes on the planet. The two-part mast and boom (almost 23 lineal feet of tapered custom carbon tubes) weigh just 6.7 lbs and that includes all the hardware and running rigging on the boom (5 blocks, 2 snap hooks, 1 s-hook, 7 eye straps, 1 cleat, 37 feet of running rigging, and a custom gooseneck fitting. 

Pricing on the CLC website

We are also working on instructions for builders to create their own sailing rig as an alternative.

About the PT Eleven sail :

A foil shaped, luff sleeved sail with 2 short battens, app 54ftsq.  (DK160) Challenge(TM) sail cloth is made in the USA. 

PT 11 Sails are designed by Sandy Goodall and prototyped by Sean Rankins of NW Sails & Canvas.

*Production by Neil Pryde.

Read Sandy’s 

Review of Sailing the PT 11.

Notes on the design; Look for


What is the INSIGNIA?

About the Tiller stock & Hiking stick kit; Tiller is tapered on 3 sides, shaped at both ends & drilled. Hiking stick has rounded ends, chamfered edged & drilled for attachment.

The PT 11 can self steer upwind with the hiking stick (pre-cut to the right length) placed to leeward as shown below.

Foils carry case: This custom case is made in the USA. Inquire at CLCBOATS.com regarding fabric options. The fabric pictured is no longer manufactured but new fabrics may be even better.

What about a bailer?

Click here.

GLUE-ON Rubber bumper kit:

We have developed a custom extruded EPDM section as a rub-rail/bumper. This bumper has a non-smudge composition and is offered in light grey.

Pricing on the CLC website

Also available by the foot HERE.

Chesapeake Light Craft now includes the WEST SYSTEM (TM) 105/207 kit with the PT 11 kit. Contents likely include:2 gallon resin with 207 special hardener. +mini-pump set, 406-7 (5.5oz)colloidal silica, 407-15 (12oz)low density filler, 404-15 (15oz)high density filler, 410-2 (2oz)microlight, 12 syringes. This kit is intended to get you through most of the project but you may need additional resin & hardener.

Inquire about price if you are interested only in this epoxy kit for another project and we cna have it affordably drop shipped to the lower 48 USA.

Are you concerned about your EPOXY footprint?

See this article.

Assembled Rig Height: 15ft 1”

Mast Socket ID:

2 1/8”

Mast socket length (“bury”): 10”

Total rig weight: 10.5 Lbs.

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Pacific Swift with our wave puzzle joint
Options not included with the base kits are priced and ordered through Chesapeake Light Craft.https://www.clcboats.com/shop/boats/wooden-sailboat-kits/PT-11-Nesting-Dinghy.html
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Dinghy Cover Pattern: 36” x 12ft pattern on a roll with instructions to make a full sized cover for the PT 11/Spear. It will work for the nesting dinghy if you plan to sore it assembled. Otherwise a large drawstring bag should work for it when nested. DIY or save money when hiring a canvas shop.

Rolled and shipped in a tube.

$50.00 includes postage in the USA ONLY

(International please inquire by email for a digital file)

Click HERE to buy just the pattern now.Dinghy_Cover_Pattern.html

Red Cedar Back seat kit: This seat is cut from hand picked tight grain cedar.

Seat, bungee, and carbon eye-strap.

A Sapele plywood seat is now included in the base kit from CLCBOATS.com

Available from PTW -stocks pending.

PT Watercraft offers kits for new and unique boat designs that are efficient, functional, modern & attractive.

Our focus is on creating boats that answer the needs of serious cruisers, weekend camp cruisers and environmentally conscious boaters, sail and motor. Featuring: the fuel efficient 18.5ft center console , PT Skiff, Russell Brown’s modern performance nesting dinghy series, carbon marine hardware, water tight hatch kits, hatch toggles or ‘turn dogs’, adjustable wind shields, dinghy rigs, sails, dinghy foil kits, original PTW stainless steel connective hardware, stitch & glue and epoxy instructional books, etc...

R&D by Russell J. Brown with various design collaborations with Paul Bieker and Eric Jolley of Bieker Boats, Jim Franken of Franken Design, Brandon Davis of Turn Point Design, Paul Zeusche of Antalya Inc., Sean Rankins of NW Sails. Special thanks to our honorary consultants, John Marples, Dick Newick, Jim Brown, Brian Clark, Tom George, Sandy Goodall, John Harris, Alex Spear, Tim Nolan, Meade Gougeon, Ted Pike, Chris Grace. Wood for our kits comes from Edensaw in Port Townsend, WA. Our preferred epoxy is WEST SYSTEM  from Gougeon Brothers. Lots of great stuff we use comes from FISHERIES SUPPLY in Seattle. Publicity thanks to Wooden Boat, Professional Boat Builder, Small Craft Advisor, Epoxy Works, and our customers!..+

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