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from Port Townsend Watercraft

PT Watercraft offers kits for new and unique boat designs that are efficient, functional, modern & attractive.


Carbon Eye-straps:

These light weight, low profile eye-straps are glued on to avoid fasteners.

These are especially useful in places where a tie point is needed in an area that lacks thick enough material to screw into and where through bolts are not an option.

These can be varnished after installation to give them their high shine and classic carbon look.

Eye-straps easily fit 1/4” lines or bungee.

Installation is easy and the result can be incredibly strong. Installation instructions provided with purchase.

A. Single (for easily holding two 1/4” lines)                 Overall Length 2”


Price: $9.50  individual singles,

$49.00 singles 6 pack.

(Previously available doubles are being phased out.)

Shipping: $6.00 USA ; Priority Mail unless otherwise specified. $20 & $24 for Canada/Mexico  & other countries respectively. (we can quote for First Class International which is usually a little less but generally does not have Intl. tracking)

< Download eye-strap instructions free >


Delrin Turn Dogs:
These are machined, not cast. The price reflects the handwork involved in finishing them.
Use 10/24 (3/16” diameter) screws
Turn Dog total length = 1 7/16”

Price: $5.50/turn dog (not including fasteners)
           $30.00 for 6
<Download Turn Dog instructions free >

Water tight hatch kit: $73.80
Includes 12 machined turn-dogs & washers, fasteners, and 10ft of 1/4inch round gasket. (surgical tubing)
See PT Skiff kit info.

Glue on EPDM rubber bumper.
Eliminating the need for hundreds of fasteners, this bumper glues on with 2 part hypalon glue, to a 1” flat surface. Non marking EPDM gray rubber, ‘high sweeping’,  “D” section, is designed by, and custom extruded for Port Townsend Watercraft. Now available by the foot for $5.65/ft. Glue sold separately. 
Or, we sell a 25ft kit including the glue for $169.95. (USA ground shipping only)
< Download PDF instructions for the bumper HERE >http://www.ptwatercraft.com/turn_dog_installation.pdfhttp://web.me.com/unknown-account/2012PTW_replaced_site_pages/PTS_kit_info.htmlhttp://www.ptwatercraft.com/PT11_bumper_Instructions_WEB2014.pdfshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2

Port Townsend Watercraft

no longer makes

Hatch kits for the SCAMP.

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Hatch installation instructions HERE