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Purchasing Questions

Is it safe to make a purchase with us online?
Yes. For our shopping cart we use a third party company,, that utilizes a SSL certified secure site. Also, we don't take or hold any personal or financial information from you in our shopping cart. Your payment information is only provided to our payment merchants, PayPal. PayPal is one of the largest online payment processors in the world (they are owned by eBay).

Is your download safe from viruses?
Yes. Our shopping cart company also manages the secure download of our eBook products. After your purchase you will download your eBook from an encrypted link that will expire.

I paid, where do I download my eBook?
After you have completed your payment process at PayPal, you need to click on the continue link. If you did not do that, then check your email, where you will find a link to the download link to your eBook.

Sometimes after payment, you will get a message that Paypal  has not yet notified our system of the sale. Once they do, you will receive an email with a link to download the eBook.

Make sure and read the instructions below to learn how to download or transfer the eBook to different types of portable devices.

Pending payment from PayPal?
If you make a payment at PayPal using an eCheck, your check will have to clear before you will be given access to your download link. This may take from several days to a week or longer. After PayPal clears your eCheck, and notifies our shopping cart service, you will receive an email with your download link.

Download Problems & Transferring Files

Download Not Working?
If your download will not work, try again in a few minutes. It might just be an internet connection issue. But the most common cause of a download that won't complete is because of virus software that is interrupting the process. Try the download with your virus software disabled (don't worry, we guarantee there are no viruses in our PDFs.)

Downloading with iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch?
Apple iPad, iPhone & iPods are not able to download a file directly from the internet (outside of the Apple store). But it is easy to do with the third party app Goodreader installed. Follow our instructions below carefully.

Goodreader Downloading Instructions:
Purchase the very popular Goodreader App (links below). The app makes it possible to download the PDF file, and you will also use the app to view and read the PDF with full functionality (internal and external links don't work in the Apple PDF reader). There is a Goodreader app specifically for iPads, and a different one for iPhones/iPods, so make sure you get the correct version.

2. On your Apple device, go to the email you received from us that has your eBook download link. Click on the link.  In a few seconds another link will appear on that page. On the link that reads "Click Here", press and hold down. Some options will appear. Select copy.


3. Now open your Goodreader app on your device. Select "Web Downloads".

4. Click Enter URL. The link that you copied earlier should automatically be entered. Select OK.

5. That's it. In the "Downloads in Progress" panel you should see the eBook downloading. Once it is completed you will see the eBook in the "Recent Downloads" panel. Just click on it to read it in Goodreader. It may be easier to read on smaller screens if you switch to horizontal view mode.

6. To find the eBook again, just open Goodreader, select "My Documents" panel, open the downloads folder, and click on the eBook.

Read full instructions about Goodreader downloads here.

Tranfer To Your Apple Device With iTunes
If you need to transfer the eBook to your Apple device from your computer with iTunes follow the instructions at this link.

Downloading with Kindle?
Kindle Fire & Fire HD can download directly from the internet.

2014 Updated information:

<<A lot of people, purchased the Black and White, Kindle Paperwhite when it was introduced in 2012 as it was designed for ease of reading vs. an all -in one tablet; you can download our materials. The Paperwhite has Wi-Fi connectivity to access the Web, and can download books and other items via e-mail to our Kindles (each Kindle has a email address, it is assigned to the unit when you register your purchase. The latest version, the Kindle Paperwhite 3G has both Wi-Fi and free 3G internet connectivity, obtaining material is a snap.>>

or..Purchase the eBook on your main computer, and then transfer it to your Kindle. Amazon offers some information on this subject as well. See HERE.

Downloading with Android Tablets or Phones?
Almost all Android devices should be able to download the PDF file directly from the download link in the email, or you can transfer the PDF file to your Android device from your computer.

How do I transfer my PDF file to another computer, laptop or netbook?
The easiest way may be to download the PDF directly to the device, using your download link from your email. You could also transfer the file by using a USB storage device like a portable USB hard drive or flash drive. If both devices have an SD card reader you could also use that. Another great option for transferring files between devices is to use the free service DropBox.

If you still have trouble please contact us for more help. (info (at)

Viewing & Reading Questions

How do I read my eBook on a PC or Mac?
Your eBook is in a PDF format. You will need to use the free software Adobe Reader to read it. If you already have Adobe Reader and are having troubles reading your eBook, make sure you have the most updated version installed.

Trouble reading eBook in web browser?
Some browsers have trouble reading all PDF documents. Google Chrome has been known to have issues, as well as some other browsers. Instead of viewing your eBook in a browser, open it directly with Adobe Reader (open Reader first, then select open document), or another PDF reading software.

How to read PDF on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch?
The regular Apple PDF reader will not give you full PDF functionality. Table of contents and web links won't work. We highly recommend you get the Goodreader  app, which provides full PDF functionality.

How to read PDF on an Android Tablet or Smartphone?
For full PDF functionality, we recommend you get the ezPDF Reader, so that all the navigation and website links work.

How to read your PDF on a Kindle?
With Kindle Fire & Fire HD, we recommend you get the ezPDF Reader app, which will give you full PDF functionality, including all navigation and web links.

On black and white Kindles obviously you won't see the pictures in color. Navigation links will not work, so you will have to scroll through every page.

We have found that reading in the horizontal mode works best for all Kindles.

How to read your PDF on a Nook HD & HD+?
With Nook HD & HD+ we recommend you get the ezPDF Reader app, which will give you full PDF functionality, including all navigation and web links.


Our number one policy is that we want you to be happy. So if you are having any problems with our product, or are unsatisfied, just let us know. We will make it right.

Return Policy
Yes, you can. Contact us and tell us what is wrong and we will tell you what to do next.

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