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PT Watercraft small boat kits; unique, efficient, functional, modern & attractive.

Caps, T-shirts, mugs, notebooks and other project souvenirs  and encouragement gifts from PT Watercraft**shapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1
Set of fillet sticks : 
Ranging from 1/2” to 2”  and are now cut from 4mm. Russell prefers this slightly flexible version.
They come CNC cut and you bevel and label them.
Save on postage by ordering up to 5 sets that ship together flat rate. They make a nice gift for your boat building friends. Order form Here.
EPOXY BASICS ,Scarfing Basics, Rolling Perfection & other books

See more about it here.  And see other books and e-books we offer.E-Books.html
How to prepare your fillet sticks and chisel sticks HERE

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PT Watercraft offers kits for new and unique boat designs that are efficient, functional, modern & attractive.

Our focus is on creating boats that answer the needs of serious cruisers, weekend camp cruisers and environmentally conscious boaters, sail and motor. Featuring: the fuel efficient 18.5ft center console , PT Skiff, Russell Brown’s modern performance nesting dinghy series, carbon marine hardware, water tight hatch kits, hatch toggles or ‘turn dogs’, adjustable wind shields, dinghy rigs, sails, dinghy foil kits, original PTW stainless steel connective hardware, stitch & glue and epoxy instructional books, etc...

R&D by Russell J. Brown with various design collaborations with Paul Bieker and Eric Jolley of Bieker Boats, Jim Franken of Franken Design, Brandon Davis of Turn Point Design, Paul Zeusche of Townsend Bay Marine, Sean Rankins of NW Sails. Special thanks to our honorary consultants, John Marples, Dick Newick, Jim Brown, Brian Clark, Tom George, Sandy Goodall, John Harris, Alex Spear, Tim Nolan, Meade Gougeon, Ted Pike, Chris Grace. Wood for our kits comes from Edensaw in Port Townsend, WA. Our preferred epoxy is WEST SYTEM  from Gougeon Brothers. Publicity thanks to Wooden Boat, Professional Boat Builder, Small Craft Advisor, Epoxy Works, and our customers!..+

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Children’s Book for sailing families
and those who dream,, full color with colorable areas and rhymes fun to memorize.

PT SKIFF seeking the “right” new owner; “Mojo”

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